TAURUS Career Choices and Suitable Professions

TAURUS (The Bull) - वृषभ  (Vrishabh)                              21st April to 21st May

The basic nature of Taurus

Taureans are close to the earth. The zodiac sign Taurus is represented by the Bull. It is characterized by personality traits such as strong character, practical. It is usually noticed that people born from 21st April to 21st May are kind-hearted, pragmatic, materialistic and practical. Therefore, they are strong candidate for your trust.

The ruling planet of Taurus is VENUS. Therefore, those born under the Taurus sign are usually gifted with a sense of material values and reliability. The well known qualities of Venus make you fond of the good things of life, particularly physical pleasures as well as material comforts.

You may be quite indulgent in the matters of food, sex etc.

Taurus is a fixed sign besides being an earthy. This makes these people stick to their principals, are reliable as they are not expected to change the stand or shift their office / residence easily. Such qualities make the Taurus people loyal to their organization and Job, endearing themselves to the bosses. Hence it is natural to find Taurus born in the banking profession handling your portfolio investment or a jeweler suggesting you about the selection and purchase of diamond. These professions demand the person to be trustworthy and patient – which the Taurus has in abundance. 

The suitable career options for Taurus

Here are a few career paths for Taurus where they fit well because of the demands of the profession:

Finance Manager / Stock Broker / Banker

Let us see logically that why the Taurus are made for these lines of profession. The Taurus are patient, not easily prone to disappointment because of their firm nature, good administrator, moving deliberately and speaking softly. With these qualities they are the ideal choice for the finance companies as well as bank and stock broking companies to favor somebody with these qualities as their first choice.

Taurus is a natural money manager, comfortable and astute within the sphere of finance. Their reliable nature and steady style makes them an ideal choice for the positions of treasurer or trustee of a charitable organization or society besides a regular business enterprise.

The other similar lines could be Investment Advisor, Portfolio Manager, Tellers, Wealth Manager etc.

Interior Designer

Builder / Real Estate Agent

Business Executive



Other lines of Profession for Aries

Actors, Actresses, Architecture, Art Dealers, Beauty Supplies or Artists, Beauty Professions, Artists of All Kinds, Sculpture, Jewelers, Coin Collectors, Carpet or Carpet Layers, Cashiers, Cabinet Makers, Wheat, Financier, Securities, Farms, Places Where Money is Kept, Surveyors, Agriculture etc.

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