ARIES Career Choices and Suitable Professions

ARIES (The Ram) - मेष (MESHA)

The basic nature of Aries

Aries (the Ram) loves freedom, craves for adventure and will accept any challenge. Lengthy staff meetings are a bore, making them impatient. 

This is the first zodiac sign, therefore, those born under this sign are pioneers in whatever they think and do. In trying to find a solution the Aries are usually first to come out with an idea – even though it may not be the best one. They are usually the first ones to come forward in support of a cause or call of duty.

Aries is a fiery and movable sign. Mars is the ruler of the zodiac sign Aries. In the celestial cabinet MARS is Commander in Chief of the Army of Gods. Just like Mars represents male energy and pushy strength, the true Aries are also aggressive, full of courage and a huge bundle of energy. They usually believe more in (or first in) use of strengths rather than diplomacy or tact.

Aries is represented by the figure RAM. This makes them head strong, adventurous and ambitious.

Those born under this Sign are a competitive lot. 

The suitable career options for Aries

Here are a few career paths for Aries where they fit well because of the demands of the profession.

Medical (preferably Surgeon)

A good surgeon needs to be a strong personality who will not get disturbed at the sight of blood. He also needs to be a good leader, adept at the use of sharp instruments (surgical knife in this case) and capable of taking bold decisions in the face of challenges and medical emergencies.

Businessmen / Entrepreneur

How can a man or woman who is blessed with courage, initiative, energy and a dislike for taking orders can work for someone. Therefore, it is natural for many RAMs to be successful Entrepreneurs, Business Owners or Professionals with their own practice. One of the qualities required to be a successful business person is ambition which the RAMs are blessed with in abundance. Similarly, there is no dearth of creativity and leadership qualities in Aries born people. They are self starters and always action oriented.

Army / Air Force / Navy

Their action oriented nature combined with the qualities of fearlessness and good ability to play with weapons makes them natural and top class solders. Their leadership traits, fire in the belly and enthusiasm can give them a rewarding career in armed forces.

Police / Law Enforcement / Security Personnel

Just like career in Military, an Arian is naturally made for careers in the fields of Police, Para Military, Peace Keeping Force, Law and Judiciary. A typical Aries could be a well known Judge or a successful criminal lawyer

Something to do with Fire and Arms

The other variations to this line of profession could be security personnel for building and individuals (bodyguards) and fire fighting specialist (fire man).

Since this is a fiery sign, it is natural for a fearless, aggressive and energetic person born under this sign to play with weapons making him a gunsmith or dealing in armaments. He could also be in fire crackers business.

Adventure Sportsman / Sportswoman

The Aries zodiac sign born love action and thrill. Couple with their nerves of steel and controlled aggression it is but natural for the RAM to take up one of the adventure sports such as Mountain Climbing (Mountaineering), Martial Arts, Shooting, Archery, Racing etc.


It is quite possible for an Aries sign born to have a sharp mind which is technically which is inclined towards technical studies such as engineering.

Something to do with Head

In a human body Aries represents the head. Therefore, it can give professions which are related to head such as Hair Dresser, Optometrists, Speech Therapist etc.

Other lines of Profession for Aries

They make good success of their careers as Stock Broker, Physiotherapist, Advertising, Public Relation, Sales and Marketing due to their energy in pushing the promotion of the product or the services.

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